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Who Else Wants The "In-The-Trenches" PROVEN Techniques To Start Making Money In Your Town, Without Using A Dime of Your Own Money?

Dean Graziosi

From: Dean Graziosi
Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Fellow Real Estate Success Seeker,

If you are currently not putting buckets of money in your pocket from today's real estate market, I know it must be driving you crazy to see all the amazing real estate deals around you.

And if you are thinking that your current financial situation, or the fact you don't have money (or don't want to risk what you do have) or bad credit is stopping you, then this is the letter you need to read.

Wouldn't you love to feel 100% confident with a PROVEN no bull method that could work in your area, that truly didn't take your money or credit to do it?

What's My Sneaky Reason For Practically Giving Away these killer "Make Money In Your Town" Tactics...?

It’s simple really... I want to WIN your trust

...because I know that once you use these proven strategies myself and my top Students (I'll share what's up with my student's strategies in a minute) on how to use lease options, assignment deals and other no money down techniques to make money where you live in the next 30 days, I know you'll keep coming back to me for all of your real estate and financial freedom needs.

And the fastest and easiest way I know to get YOU to TRUST ME is to give you my most powerful money making techniques - that work fast - for dirt cheap. And once you try them and see how easily they can be implemented no matter your current financial status, or what you do for a living...

You'll not only tell ten friends and get me more business, you'll come back to me for all your money making with real estate needs.

It’s a win/win proposition... wouldn't you agree?

But Before You Read Another Word Of This Letter I Want You To See What Other Regular People (Many of which started very skeptical like you may be) Who Have Tried My PROVEN strategies Have To Say...

I've seen enough, I want in. What's the offer...

These are actual letters sent to us by our wonderful and now successful students.

Before I got Dean's book, I was somewhat satisfied with our financial situation. I figured everyone worried about medical bills, college tuition for their kids, lack of retirement, hoping the vehicles would hold up for a few more years, ect. My husband worked full-time as a carpenter (plus side jobs), and I worked 2 part-time jobs (bookkeeper and respite care provider) to help make ends meet and have a little extra for our kids.

But after seeing Dean's show, that all changed. We took the leap of faith and ordered Dean's book and joined his Success Academy. I know I say this all the time, but that decision literally changed the course of our lives. Where I used to think in terms of $10s or $100s of dollars, now I am able to think in terms of $1,000s, even $100,000s. Unbelievable that in less than two years, I quit both my jobs, we can afford to buy vehicles for cash, write a check for our daughter's college tuition, give generously to charities we've always had a heart for, and travel like crazy (good thing because our daughters and their families live 800 miles away).

Starting with no knowledge of the strategies that Dean teaches, I dove right in trying his techniques in our area to prove to myself that I could do it HERE! There were so many roadblocks, "professionals" telling me that it couldn't be done or it was "illegal". Thank God I had Dean and the whole DG Family at his web site to come to at the end of the day to keep me on track and stay determined to make this work! And it DID!! As I write this testimonial, I have used nearly every technique Dean teaches, and have had success at all of them! Three days before writing this I made $29,000 on one deal and to date have I done over 17 deals and have more in the works always. We now have over $4000mo in passive income in addition to the CASH profits we've made from flips (and are adding to it with each deal). Dean is truly the real deal. Dean, thank you, thank you! I can never repay what you have done for me and my family, but it sure will be fun trying!


After getting over a bit of skepticism from ordering off of TV we called and got Dean's book. After reading the book we literally felt as if we received a treasure map and we were ready to go on an adventure and see if it was truly for real. From the book we created an action plan and immediately started looking in our neighborhood and began making strategic low offers. We got our first offer accepted and we could not believe the fantastic deal. In 9 months following we had completed 8 deals and are currently working on Deal #9 and Deal #10 and have increased our net worth by more than $750,000 and have a great monthly cash flow.

The book relights our burning desire to succeed at something as we pursued the American Dream. Sometimes the daily grind of a job and bills can get you down where you feel like you are not getting ahead, no matter how hard you work, there may not be a way out. We were committed to find a better way for a brighter future and have peace of mind for our financial security. We can't begin to tell you what Dean's books and programs have meant to us.

It is not very often in life that you find an individual that is so generous with giving so freely of their time, knowledge, expertise, inspiration and direction to assist others, and we found that in Dean Graziosi and his programs. It is amazing to think of the ripple effect that Dean's book can have on families and the millions of lives that will be changed forever because of his passion, vision, commitment and effort in helping others achieve success. We are living proof that Dean's techniques really work and can work for anyone! We would tell anyone, take action, get Dean's book and become part of this great story! If you really want something better in life this is it! You can do it too. Go for it! Oh, and by the way I am a real person, with the real success I explained above, once you get Dean's book and get on his social community come look me up. My username is IndianaJoe.


I live Booneville MS. Population of 8000. To date, I have done 25 deals and made over 147,000, I have a $1000 a month in cash flow and my net worth has gone from negative to nearly $500,000. I did all that without using a dime of my own money, because I didn't have any, and without credit since mine is in the crapper.

When I first got the books I was so down and out because no matter how hard I worked or how much money I made on Friday I was broke on Monday. I knew there had to be a better way. Now I don't work half the hours and make 10 times the money and have a better future. I know that if any thing happened to me my wife and kids will be taken care forever. I can't tell you what a good feeling it is to have money coming in no if you work that day or not, that takes a ton of stress out of your life. Dean and his real estate techniques have done this for me and my family.

I am just a simple country boy from Mississippi with a little education and if I can do this starting with no money and crappy credit then anybody can. I was literally working 70 to 80 hours a week and hating life every day. I had no idea life could be so great. The stress and worry about bills is gone and I get to spend more time with my family, go on vacation and I just have a better life all the way around. Heck, I lost 40 pounds since starting because I'm not depressed anymore and loving life again.

One of the best things is, you get to be a part of the DG FAMILY and they are the most caring bunch of people you will ever want to be around they truly care about you and want you to be a successful real estate investor and successful person all the way around. They go above and beyond the call of duty to help you , man when I got started I could not even turn on a computer and they got me to where I am at. They had their hands full with me but they got me through it and they can get you through it to. I feel so blessed to have them as part of my life. They are truly the real deal. When you are a part of the DG FAMILY, your are for life. They are always there for you.

In a recent survey the average book buyer does not apply the strategies in Dean's books and does not make money - yet in that same poll those who have applied Dean's techniques, nearly half report that they have made money.
Multi-Millionaire Investor, New York Times Best Selling Author and on TV everyday for over 10 years now...

Before The Successful Investing, Before The Best Selling Books, And Before TV - I Was A Scared To Death Broke Young Man, With A High School Education Wondering If I Was Going To End Up Struggling, Stressed and Living a Financially Strapped Life Like My Parents Did.

Back in 1986 at the age of 17, I graduated High School and went straight to work at my Dad's collision shop in Marlboro, NY. I literally worked on Cars everyday in hopes to some day own the business and make it hugely successful. My Dad's a great guy but was not a great businessman and never made over $30,000 a year. (In fact, that would have been a good year)

At that time I had accepted that I was making less than ten dollars an hour and getting dirty everyday, but knew deep down there was more for me.

You see, my parents got a divorce when I was three and growing up with my single Mom, I watched her struggle working two crappy jobs to make about $90 a week. Wearing hand-me-downs and driving in my Mom's junky car was just the tip of the iceberg of having no money growing up and I vowed to become wealthy and take care of the people around me. But I would be lying if I told you at that time I knew how I was going to do it. .

True StoryCars were fine, but I had my sights on bigger things.

I'll be honest, I had that entrepreneurial drive at an early age and wanted more. I pushed my Dad on new thoughts and ideas for a better business and we fought a lot because of it. He was stuck in his ways. So I stepped outside the box.

While making minimal money working on cars, I saw the only real wealthy people in my little town were real estate investors. So I blindly and without much guidance other than a gut feeling, went for Real Estate. Desperation fueled by tireless persistence ended up assisting me in my first real estate deal. I felt I was on my way!

Just when I thought I had gained some momentum, it all blew up.

I was a few years in working in the collision and used car business, a few real estate deals and learning some amazing new techniques to profit in a down market (It was a down Market back then as well and it helped me) when it happened. My Dad went through another divorce that left him clinically depressed and he let everything go. The business, his house, his life and me basically.

He was not just gone emotionally, he was gone physically. I did my best to clean up a horrific mess. I moved us out of the building my Dad had rented, I moved my dad's belongings out of his house and got a renter in there and I started paying his bills with what little money I saved up. At this time, I went about $40,000 in credit card debt trying to keep it all together.

I had some Big choices to make at an early age

Before I go any further, I want to say this is not a boo-hoo poor me story. I know many of you face much greater challenges than what I am explaining. In fact, this is the most detailed I have ever gotten about my story. I am sharing only to let you see how it all came about and how you will soon have the techniques to replicate what I have done and build security so no economy, no boss and no person can ever take it away from you. Become bullet proof!

So out of a tiny little garage that I didn't have to pay rent on, I started working on one car at a time. While at the same time, working hard to find no money down real estate deals (Many of which I still use) and both started working.

In a short amount of time, I bought the building my Dad had lost. I bought the three family houses behind the building with no money down and was on my way. In a short amount of time I had nearly 20 rental units, a successful collision shop and a used car dealership. I then went on to vacant land, sub-divisions, building new homes and becoming a millionaire from real estate in my 20's and a multi-millionaire from real estate in my 30's.

FYI - I now gladly support my Mom and Dad and love every bit of it;-)

I have never stopped investing since that first deal. While I write this, I currently have over 40 deals going on. I not only love real estate and the profits it spits out, I always want to be up on what works right now.

About ten years ago, I decided it would be awesome if I could share with people how I went from scared, broke and insecure to financial security, confidence and happiness. It became more addicting than you could ever imagine. I took my story and techniques to TV.

The more I shared, the more success my students had and I loved it. My successful student list and my training company both started growing fast. I decided a few years ago to write a book and it hit the NY Times, best sellers list. I then wrote "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" that hit the NY times best seller list plus Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon best seller lists as well. It was the best selling real estate book in America for about two years, then a new book blew it out of the water.

That new book was my third book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" which as I write this, is currently the #1 best selling real estate book in America. Why? I think the absolute reason is, because it is easy to understand and most of all, it is getting people like YOU the results they desire rather than it just being a good read. Additionally, it's not a book on how to be a real estate investor. It is a recipe book on how to make money in today's market. Big difference.

And by the way, keep reading and I'll let you know how you can have the hard cover version of Profit From Real Estate Right Now and the digital version so you can start reading it today for FREE. Yes I said Free.

You see, if your gut is telling you there is a fortune to be made in real estate, you are correct. But you may be telling yourself that you have no money, no experience, no time or your credit stinks. If that is the case, then let me show you how wrong you are.

This is your time to fulfill those dreams you may have thought were gone forever. You deserve to feel confident and secure and I am telling you it is more than possible. I told you that story because I wanted to let you know I was not born under a lucky star, I am not a marketer who got in to real estate for the sole purpose of selling you crap in a box.

My trial and error has led to massive opportunities for you. If I can do it and countless people across America from small towns to big cities can do it with my techniques then why cant you?

Here is where YOUR opportunity comes to life

What do you get when you share the best of the best techniques learned through 20 years of real estate investing and combine it with the secrets of 14 students from all over America who went from worrying about their financial present and future to true wealth and happiness through real estate investing?

My Brand New Book "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits."

So here we are and it is and I am wondering if you are ready to take action for you and your family and build life long financial security? All I know is that the stimulus money did not trickle down to anyone I know, the stock market going up is not creating more jobs or raises and the recession is surely not over.

But if you have a true desire for more out of life, are ready to take action with a step by step blueprint for making money in a down market, then your time reading this letter may truly be the best time you have spent reading in ages.

My new book has the techniques like a hybrid lease option -no money down - strategy that allowed Greg Murphy to make over $100k and quit his 70 hour a week job and pay off his credit cards.

It has Joe and Stacey Jurek's magic email that allowed them to buy bank owned property (REO's) for no money down, no payments for 3 months and left the closing table with over $5,000. Did I mention it cash flows over $400 a month.

How about the assignment strategy Chip and Andrea used to make $44,000 on one deal without using a penny. Yes, not a single penny of their own money. And best of all, they share exactly how they did it so you can model their success.

And they are only a fraction of the killer tactics you will learn.

This book is going to change the way people think about making money forever. I have exposed real estate for what it really is. A great way to make money and build life long wealth and do it with no downside or risk. Even the most scared of people will see they need to be doing this once they read my new book.

I have to ask you one last thing before I let you see the amazing deal I have put together for you, exclusive to this page only. If not real estate now, then when? If you simply bottle your frustration, worry about the bills or your retirement but don't take action with anything new I can promise you this. The only thing you will have in a year from now is more of what you have.

It is time to step out and take action with a proven blueprint for success and I would be privileged to be the one to show you the way and let you get your AHHH-HAA moment. It's time for you to show everyone around you see your true potential.

And Now I Want To Give YOU the ability to get my new book in your hands immediately plus extra money making bonuses that you would have to pay an arm and a leg for anywhere else, but this very special page.

Your Town Your Profits

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Learn my best techniques developed over 20 years of investing plus the proven strategies my students used to profit right now, all over America. Get the exact forms, exact emails, exact techniques you can follow like a recipe to profit in your town.

Whether you live in a big city or a tiny little town, this book will take away all the excuses and show you a path and a plan to make money right where you live, right now.

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This book took away the no money down mystery and finally gave people the roadmap to profit from real estate without using a dime of their own money.

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Third - Yes, You can make money online with Real Estate:
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Ok, my students were talking about it. Then one of my top real estate coaches from our real estate success academy was making a fortune from it. And to be honest I was not.

So I cornered my coach and had him explain exactly how he is making money with the out of the box strategy and it is all on this very special DVD.

If you can search on google, answer emails or read your facebook account, you could be making money online and offline with the step by step system explained on this powerful DVD.

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And one more factor why we have so many successful students:
Ongoing support like no place on Earth

It is no accident that we have countless happy and successful students all over America. Yes we are #1. And when you get involved with me and my company, you get more than the valuable wisdom within the pages of my books. You will get access to:

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  • How to use a unique marketing strategy to find cash buyers right in your area ready to buy properties you find.
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  • How to locate banks with too many Bank owned properties (REO's) and how to make money with them without using a dime of your own money if you don't want to.
  • How to use the internet to; find deals, find the value of homes in your area, sell your homes and literally make money without leaving your computer room.
  • How to get hard money loans and private individuals to invest with you and be glad to do it.
  • The power of a double close and how it could be your secret weapon for multiple no money down deals.
  • And so much more!

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  • Pulls data from several large real estate listing and information sites into one place.
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  • Lists tax info on a property analysis screen with all the other valuation information.
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Your Town

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Committed to your success,

Dean Graziosi

P.S. Please don't spend another day feeling life is not in your control or there is no way for you to live the life you deserve, when indeed there is. Click the Add To Cart button and for under $20.00, I can show the path and plan to live life on your terms. Don't think for a second Real Estate is not for you, because it is for anyone who has a desire for more out of life and I can't wait to prove it to you.

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